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Saturday, March 18, 2006

It starts...

Everyone has a camera today. People record what they think is cool. The problem is they don't think about other people actually watching what they recorded. I do. There are way too many tips & tricks out there for anyone to NOT attempt to take better video footage. I'm not saying mine is fantastic, but yea, it IS better than JoePublic's home movies. Unless it's a really good or important tip, I'll try not to regurgitate all the other info I found on the web, 'cause you can find it just like I did. (And I think it's lame when you see 15 different links to the SAME info.) But here you will find my favorite ideas, stuff I've created, learned, built, etc. in regards to videography as a "hobby." I'll mention some generic film terms here, so I'm assuming anyone interested in this blog has at least some basic knowledge of videography - all I know is what I learned from my own web searches. Your tips and comments are welcome here as well.

My video hobby began on a trip to NewZealand. I read so much on what to do and not do before the trip that I am pretty satisfied with the results of our vacation video. So many vacation and home movies suffer from "shoulderitis" stemming from people holding their cam like everyone else and not using it like a movie camera. Next time you watch tv, and see a cool shot, especially in movies, think about where the camera is. How is the that image being recorded? How can I use that technique the next time I'm filming? Watching tv really can be some of your best research. Watch the behind the scenes clips on DVDs. (Lately, I've been watching CashCab on Discovery. Watch for the shots of the cab and people from the OUTSIDE of the cab. Every once in awhile, from the inside cameras, you'll catch a glimpse of the chase vehicle and/or cameraman through the windows. Think about what THAT guy is doing, and your next home video footage will dramatically impove.)

Oh, and just so you know what I'm working with - I have a JVC (GRD90) Camera. A fairly common run of the mill JoePublic video camera. I've added the 4 hour battery, as well as a wide angle and 2x zoom lens to the mix. I rarely shoot skate stuff without the wide angle. It just looks better IMO.

Hope this blog helps you in your videography endeavors.


At 10:33 AM, Blogger Lexington Steele said...

Can you film me being sarcastic on my blog? Just kidding man, I hope you have more of a sense of humor than your comment made it out to be. Good luck with the filming.


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